Gate Policies

Alcohol Policy – You must be 21 to purchase, possess or consume all alcohol products on Badlands Motor Speedway premises. Badlands Motor Speedway prohibits the carry in or carry out of alcoholic beverages. All coolers will be inspected for compliance to this law. For those fans over the age 21, alcohol can be purchased inside the track gates.

Animals – Badlands Motor Speedway welcomes Seeing Eye Dogs or other animal assistance utilized by the disabled or visually impaired. Proper documentation may be requested for these animals prior to entry. All other animals are prohibited inside the track gates.

Firearms – The possession of firearms, explosives or weapons on Badlands Motor Speedway property is prohibited, regardless of whether a federal or state license to possess the same has been issued to the possessor.

Fireworks – From time to time, the use of pyrotechnics may be part of events presented at the Speedway. The use of fireworks by guests is strictly prohibited at Badlands Motor Speedway and in its parking lots. Guests found in possession of or using fireworks/pyrotechnics are subject to ejection without refund, and may also be in violation of state law resulting in possible arrest and prosecution.

First Aid Station – For the protection of our racing guests, trained medical personnel are on duty at all racing events. Should you need medical attention, please notify a Badlands Motor Speedway official, and a Med-Star Race Rescue medic will assist in your needs.

Pit Access – Pit passes, which allow access to the pit area, are available at all Badlands Motor Speedway racing events. A pit pass also allows for admission into the grandstand area.

Minimum Age – Only persons 14 years of age or older will be admitted to pit area. Minors, ages 14-17 years, must submit a Parental Consent, Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement/Minor’s Assumption of Risk and Release and Waiver of Liability signed by a parent (or legal guardian). No exceptions. If the waiver is not signed in the presence of a Badlands Motor Speedway official, it must be notarized.

Purchase – Pit passes must be purchased in-person only. No advance sales. Pit passes can be purchased at the back pit gate behind the backstretch.

Public Address Paging – Because of the many requests, paging is not permitted except in cases that are deemed to be emergencies.

Re-Entry Policy – Guests can obtain a ‘pass-out’ ticket upon leaving the track that will allow for re-entry to the event. Any guest returning their car or leaving the event for any reason must obtain a ‘pass-out’ ticket or they will not be allowed back in the event.

Restrooms – Public Restrooms are conveniently located on both ends of the midway in the grandstands. Portable restrooms are also located in the infield.

Will Call – Tickets held at Will Call can be picked up at the South Gate Ticket Office, located outside Turn No. 1. Photo ID is required to pick up all tickets at will call.

Umbrella Policy – Umbrellas are permitted inside the Speedway. For the safety and consideration of your fellow fans, please do not open your umbrella in crowded areas.